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Who Is the Best Oil and Gas Equipment Supplier In Alaska?

If you work in the oil and gas industry, you need equipment that stays running in North Slope temperatures. Here at Equipment Source, Inc. (ESI), our roots run deep in the oil and gas industry. In 2000, we got our start reconditioning heaters for the Alaskan oil fields.

Since then, we’ve diversified our portfolio to include a wide range of heaters, generators, pumps and earth-moving equipment suited for jobs of all sizes. Our equipment is Built Arctic Tough, meaning it won’t let you down even when the weather does. It’s designed to keep your job site up and running at all times, helping you cut costs when it comes to expensive downtime.

We’re Alaska’s best oil and gas equipment suppliers. In April 2020, our ESI-manufactured pumps, generators and industrial mobile heaters were officially certified as being Made in Alaska. We pride ourselves on developing innovative solutions to uniquely Alaskan problems and we’re proud of this achievement. Our equipment is guaranteed to start, no matter how cold it gets.

How can we help you? Take a look at our oil and gas industry solutions.

Heating oil drilling sites in Alaska

It goes without saying that the biggest challenge in drilling for oil and gas in Alaska is heat. Temperatures up north can drop below -50 degrees Fahrenheit, and then you have to factor in the wind chill. Heat is critical, because if that cuts out, your budget could quickly blow out on things like broken equipment, burst pipes and the cost of shipping new parts to remote locations.

We design all our ESI-manufactured industrial heaters with that in mind.

ESI Thaw Boss

The ES3000 Thaw Boss is the perfect example. It combines innovative design with a reliable Kubota engine and a powerful Buderus boiler. This combination creates a heavy-duty hydronic heating platform, which maximizes heat output, fuel efficiency and durability. It won’t let you down.

This mobile design produces 334,000 BTU/hr of heat output, with the capability to handle 5,000 square feet of ground thaw quickly. Four 750-ft hoses ensure maximum uniformity in the thaw field for even results over large areas. Flow rate is an issue in extreme environments, and the Thaw Boss combats this by delivering a whopping 150 psi operating pressure. That means you can count on it to perform even in the heart of winter, in the windiest jobsite in the coldest location imaginable.

It has an environmentally-responsible construction that features 200% secondary fluid containment, a large cabinet door that allows easy access to serviceable components and an extended-run oil tank that increases service intervals up to 3000 hours. It’s a workhorse, available for rent or sale at our locations in Fairbanks and Anchorage, AK, and for sale at our yard in Williston, ND.

ESI Sensor-Safe Heater

The ES700B-SS Sensor-Safe Heater is another top choice for the oil and gas industry. It provides clean and dry heat that is safer than any flameless heater on the market thanks to its explosive gas detection technology, which shuts down the heater long before dangerous levels are reached.

It has dual explosive gas meters that monitor methane (including natural gas and propane) levels as well as hydrogen sulfide. The meters shut off the heater and generator if either gas level reaches a 10% combustive concentration, while indicator lights identify the gas type and notify the entire site.

This model is designed to maximize economic value and operational efficiency. It puts out 770,000 BTU/hr with the extended run oil sump that pushes services to 3,000-hour intervals. It’s got a 37-hour run time, which will keep your job site ticking over through multiple shifts and can be mounted on a trailer or skids to make it easy to use. You can run it on #1 heating oil for massive cost savings.

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Shelters for Alaskan jobsites

Exposure is a problem up north, especially when temperatures plunge, and it can significantly impact the longevity of your equipment and the safety of your site. We know what it’s like to work in Alaska, and we’ve created a line of products designed to solve common problems before they arise.

Walk-In Generator Modules

With R32 walls and roof and a strong 0.25 plate steel floor, ESI’s Walk-In Generator Modules are a durable and convenient way to house your generator set or other worksite needs.

They come with attached fork pockets to make transport easy and we offer a range of adjustable features, such as generator integration, seismic ratings, snow loads, floor loads, interior and exterior lighting and customizable dimensions. You can also add external fuel tanks, snow hoods and four corner lift points for cranes. They can also be delivered disassembled to suit air transport.

These products are available for sale at our locations in Alaska and North Dakota. They’re built to last and tested in some of the most challenging environments in the world. If it’s not quite what you’re looking for, give us a call and we’ll talk about a customized option to meet your needs.

Water Houses

The ES-TR Water House is designed to keep ice holes open over bodies of water where explosive gases may accumulate. They’re designed with safety and practicality in mind, with two separate compartments: one implements explosion-proof components, while the other houses the generator or other electrical devices. They can be mounted on a trailer or skids for ease of use.

Features and benefits of this model include foam-insulated steel paneling in the main compartment, 10-gauge steel constructed generator/electrical housing, explosion-proof lighting and heater configurations and dual 7,000 lb torsion bar suspension axles.

Emergency Shower Trailers

The ES-TR Emergency Shower is the ultimate worksite precaution. It contains a 400-gallon water tank, which is heated by a 500-watt submersion heater to ensure that you’re prepared for emergencies, no matter the temperature. The water is delivered through a therma-flow freeze-protected shower at a rate of 30 gallons per minute and runs off into a 500-gallon tank.

As you would expect, the electric heater is corrosion resistant. The design includes a high-visibility ABS plastic showerhead with a self-adjusting regulator as well as eye and face wash heads, equipped with float-off covers secured with a stainless steel bead chain. It’s available for sale in both our Alaska and North Dakota yards and is an essential item for any safety-conscious job site.

Other oil and gas equipment supplies

We’re here to make your life easier. Our factory is based in Fairbanks, AK, and we can help with everything from filter trailers to hydraulic power units, helicopter fuel tanks and more. We can also help with generators, both for rent and for sale, and pumps.

We pride ourselves on our ability to solve problems, so if you’re looking for a specific piece of equipment and coming up empty-handed, talk to us about a customized design. You can use our online form to configure the perfect heater, generator or pump for your job, and one of our engineers will get back to you shortly to talk about bringing your request to life.

We produce some of the toughest products on earth, which is why we’re the best oil and gas equipment suppliers. We continue to learn what works best for our customers, and our approach is based on a constant loop of ideas and feedback from our customers. We take pride in our work, and we’re always looking for industry needs that haven’t been met. Yet.

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