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Construction season is here, which means you’ll need to start thinking seriously about buying equipment. It might be an additional item that will help you speed up and get the job on time. It could be a replacement item for something that is being serviced or needs urgent repairs. Perhaps it’s a custom piece that will help you solve a specific problem so you can get on with things.

Trust is a critical component of equipment purchase. It’s important to choose a vendor that understands what you’re dealing with so they can offer the right solutions for your needs.

When it comes to tough jobs in tough conditions, you can’t go past Equipment Source, Inc. (ESI). There are a few reasons for this: expertise, customer service, and adaptability.

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Construction Equipment Experts in Alaska

ESI is an equipment supplier based in Fairbanks, Alaska, that is uniquely skilled in designing and building tough and innovative construction equipment. Our company started out by reconditioning heaters in North Slope, Alaska, back in 2000. We noticed that a lot of our customers were expressing a need for custom-made equipment, designed for Arctic applications, so we started manufacturing.

We’ve spent the past 20 years manufacturing innovative products that solve problems faced in extreme conditions. We’re proud to say these are some of the toughest products on earth. Over time, we’ve been able to open stores in Anchorage, Alaska, as well as Seattle, Washington, and Williston, North Dakota, to bring hardworking equipment to businesses across the country.

Over time, we’ve developed expertise in a number of industries, including oil and gas, construction, aviation, telecommunications, mining, remote lodges, emergency services and remote logistics. This means we’ve optimized our inventory to ensure our customers are equipped to tackle any job:

  • Kubota: We’re the sole distributor for Kubota tractors in Alaska. We offer the full line of tractors, construction equipment, utility vehicles and mowers. Our sales team can work with you to help you choose the perfect piece of equipment to suit your project.
  • JCB: If you’re after something bigger, we’re also a JCB dealer. JCB is one of the world’s top three heavy equipment manufacturers. It’s one of the primary brands we vend because we respect JCB’s commitment to developing and producing high quality products. We sell track loaders, wheel loaders, excavators, and forklifts to suit all earth-moving needs.
  • Pumps: ESI offers pump sets that feature heavy duty construction along with powerful suction capabilities. The ESI-built four and six-inch water pump models have three-inch solids handling and are driven by high quality Kubota engines. Read more.
  • Generators: ESI supplies a full line of Alaska-made generators, ranging in output from 6kW to 45kW. These durable sets are also powered by reliable Kubota diesel engines coupled directly to Mecc Alte generator units. Read more.
  • Heaters: ESI-built heaters are rugged and reliable, which means they can be transported and deployed any time. The indirect-fired, flameless and hydronic models provide dependable heat, even in the harshest winter conditions. Read more.
  • Specialty: ESI also manufactures a specialty products range, which includes everything from explosive gas monitors to auxiliary power units and helicopter tanks. These are designed to keep jobsites safe, efficient and productive. Read more.

The summer months are going to be extremely busy, with new worksites opening every day, and we’re ready to ensure all your equipment needs are met. Just give us a call.

We have four locations in the United States. Contact the store closest to you.

Putting Customer Service First in Construction

Alaskan jobsites face a number of unique challenges, which means customer service must always come first. Nick Ferree, our Vice President, says it’s essential to be as efficient as possible.

“A lot of our customers are running critical infrastructure projects and they need parts and material to keep going. It’s important to us to keep supplying them during this time,” he says.

“Our customers need high reliability and an excellent service. Those are two things we bring to the table in what we design and build, and what we vend. The season up here is very short, so we need to make sure our customers can be as productive as possible as the weather allows. They can’t afford down time – stopping work can quickly add up to tens of thousands of dollars a day.”

This commitment to customer service means optimizing the supply chain, to ensure construction equipment can be delivered to any jobsite in the United States, no matter how remote.

In February 2020, we sold and shipped two ES500B-LRT heaters to a customer on an island off the north coast of Alaska. These self-contained mobile industrial units were a critical component of emergency works that were underway to save a building severely damaged by fire. Extreme temperatures hampered firefighting efforts, causing the water supply to freeze as first responders battled to save what they could in minus 35°F (with windchills of minus 63°F) weather.

ESI organized the supply of heaters and arranged for quick transport via a Hercules C-130 flight from Prudhoe Bay. They were loaded within six hours of receiving the customer’s order.

“Remote logistics in Alaska can be very challenging, and there’s a lot of places where you can’t just run down to Lowes to get what you need,” says Ferree.

“One of the things we bring to customers is that we’re used to working in this environment. We know who to contact to pull a time-sensitive order together, we know the airlines, we know the shipping companies, our inventory is here in Alaska. Being local is really important.”

Looking for a tractor or loader? We proudly distribute Kubota and JCB products.

Alaska Construction Equipment Sales

Technology is changing all the time, which means construction equipment needs to change all the time. ESI is committed to continuing to learn what works best for its customer. In fact, our entire product range is based on ideas and feedback our customers. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, we also provide customizable solutions designed to get the job done.

If you know your specifications, you can use the form on our website to configure the perfect heater, generator or pump for your job. Just let us know which ESI branch is closest to you, what type of equipment you need, what application it will be used for, and when you need it delivered. One of our engineers will get back to you about your custom request as quickly as possible.

We’re committed to meeting the needs of all our customers, no matter the job.

We also sell parts, so we’ve got you covered for everything from burners to controls, ignitors, ducting and much more. Visit our stores in person, or place an order over the phone and have the part shipped. It’s just another part of our commitment to helping you get the job done.

Ready to take your jobsite to the next level? Contact our sales team today.

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